Wednesday, May 10, 2017

NextGear Capital Completes Securitization

 NextGear Capital Completes Securitization

NextGear Capital announces that the NextGear Floorplan Master Owner Trust successfully completed its latest securitization:

 the sale of $400 million of privately placed 144A Asset-Backed Notes, Series 2017-1.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


The New York City Department of Consumer Affairs has launched its first ever investigation into sub prime loans within the
auto sector, issuing subpoenas to Santander Consumer USA and Santander Consumer Funding 3 amid growing concerns over used car dealer financing practices in the city.  

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Don't miss the 2014 BHPH Bootcamp!

Don't miss the 2014 BHPH Bootcamp!

 NABD is offering hands-on training at a BHPH car lot in Charlotte, NC. Learn first-hand all of the key financial & operational aspects of running a successful BHPH operation, and let the BHPH "Best Practices" you learn increase your profits! To register click link below:

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We Turn Auto Notes Into Cash!


Turn Your Auto Notes Into Cash



Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cash For Auto Notes - Sell your Car Paper For Cash!


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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Auto Note Buyers

At a time when it is becoming more and more difficult to secure credit facilities, selling your contracts becomes a viable source of raising capital. In the below   example many dealers would have accepted $5,478 in cash for a vehicle that had a $6,000 retail price and a $3000 cost. If you are one of those dealers who would have accepted a $2,478 gross profit, then you need to contact Financial Solutions to turn your contracts into immediate profits.

Sell Auto Note Compared to Keeping The Auto Note

This is an example

Selling “The Note” – After 90 Days of Payments
A.     Dealer cost of vehicle                                                   $3,000.00
B.      Selling Price of vehicle                                           $6,000.00
C.      Down Payment received                                        $1,000.00
Finance remaining balance at 24% for 27 months
D.     Collect 3 payments of $241.00 each                      $    720.00
E.      Principle balance after 90 days                            $4,697.00
F.       Advance at 80% of principal balance                  $3,758.00
G.     Total Cash collected as a result of selling    
“The Note” (C+D+F)                                               $5,478.00
H.     Subtract cost of vehicle                                       $3,000.00
I.        TOTAL PROFIT AFTER 90 DAYS (G-H)         $2,478.00
Keeping “The Note”
A.     Dealer cost of vehicle                                           $3,000.00
B.      Selling price of vehicle                                         $6,000.00
C.      Down payment received                                      $1,000.00
D.     Collect 12 payments of $241.00 each                  $2,892.00
E.      Total cash collected after 12 months                  $3,892.00
F.       Subtract cost of vehicle                                        $3,000.00
G.     TOTAL PROFIT AFTER 12 MONTHS      $     892.00

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We Turn Auto Notes Into Cash!

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